Viking Voyage Slots

Viking Voyage Slots is a fairly new slot machine title from the casino software developer Betsoft Gaming. It boasts, as you might’ve already guessed from its name, a historic Viking theme. This is a perfect theme for a casino slot game, because who else then the mighty Vikings could have such a lust and desire to collect valuable treasures at every opportunity that occurred.

Are you ready to join these wild Nordic warriors on their next adventurous quest to plunder some slot machine reels? Then start to grow your beard, gather your slot spinning weapons, and set sail on a virtual longboat in the directions that the Viking Voyage Slots paylines will lead you and your band of looting friends.

A Band of Historic Scandinavian Warriors Takes over Your Game Screen

Fully exploiting the historic Scandinavian Viking culture, this game takes you on a spinning adventure that is fueled by symbols of plundered golden goblets, axes, traditional longboats, Odin’s ravens, and, of course, horned helmets and the bearded Nordic brutes who wear them with pride. These symbols bring you all kinds of coin rewards and special features.

For example, you can use the longboat to sail right into waves of free spins, you can go on a wild, symbol replacing, reel spin adventure with the mighty Viking king, and you can follow Odin’s black scatter raven towards big rewards. All of these treasure looting opportunities and others can be triggered by the reels of Viking Voyage Slots. Therefore, make sure your bag of coins is fully stacked, so that it can be used to fund this riches plundering journey that is going to make you a Viking legend.

Are You Ready to Become a Legendary Viking Slot Reel Looter?

Are you anxious to become a legendary Viking slot reel plunderer and do you now wonder where the longboats of Viking Voyage Slots are docked? Then stir your attention in the direction of a Betsoft Gaming software casino, as it is there that the Viking King and his battle-hardened warriors are waiting for you to join them on their next epic journey.