The importance of good banking at an online casino is only understood when there is bad banking with a bad experience. The Dendera Casino is a perfect example of how good banking options lead to better play and definitely more secure play and more confidence from the player. The banking area of the casino is where the player will find a list of approved and secure methods that can be used for depositing at the casino in real time accompanied by security with a fully encrypted service. Many of these deposit options can also be used for making withdrawals at the casino once the casino management has approved the withdrawal. Players can made deposits using Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, and even Bitcoin.

Banking at the Dendera Casino

The banking section of the casino is like the beating heart of the Dendera casino, it is here that the deposits and withdrawals are made at any time of the day or night. Deposits can be made at any time of the day or night using USD or Bitcoin. In order to make a Bitcoin deposit, the player first needs to open a Bitcoin wallet that is separate from the casino and make sure it is fully funded. Once the player has Bitcoins in his wallet, he can send funds instantly to the casino at any time of the day or night with just one swipe. Other options for deposits in USD include Visa and MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill and Ukash. The third part options all require preregistration and funding before the deposit can be made. Every deposit is 100% secure and fully encrypted giving the player direct and instant access to his funds at all times of the day and night, allowing him to instantly start playing the wide selection of casino games. Withdrawals of winnings can be made in the same way, once the player has received approval from the casino management team for the amount to be withdrawn. Being able to carry out any transaction online or through a mobile device at any time of the day or night in a secure and direct method gives the player confidence and security to enjoy the casino, its games and all the many promotions that are offered.

How to Use Bitcoin at the Dendera Casino

Bitcoin is today, considered to be the most secure and effective way of trading funds online and that includes placing bets and withdrawing winnings from online and mobile casinos. In order to use Bitcoin, a Bitcoin wallet needs to be set up and funded. It is very easy to set up the wallet, with many choices offered online and funding it takes just a few moments to buy Bitcoins in full or part of. Once the player has Bitcoins in his wallet, it takes just a few moments to choose Bitcoin in the casino as his approved transfer method and then dictate the amount that he wants to transfer. Once the player has made this choice, he enters his personal secure details and the money is transferred instantly and immediately to the casino. Every transaction at the casino including Bitcoin and all the third-party deposit options is total secure and fully encrypted giving the player full confidence to enjoy an amazing experience at the casino and not worry about anything else.