Spinfinity Man Slots

When the city of Metropolis is under attack by an evil criminal, Spinfinity Man will come to the rescue. With the help of his powerful, game changing superpowers and his incredible wild symbol, our hero is ready to fight the nefarious villain Mr. X. Will he be able to save the city from the evil clutches of this madman, and, by doing so, unlock a set of incredible rewards? It is on you to figure that out by putting the reels of Spinfinity Man Slots into motion.

Get Ready for an Explosive Slot Reel Spinning Experience

With its unique theme, Infinity Slots offers an entertaining and lighthearted take on the superhero comic book genre. The slot boasts a cascading, cluster-based symbol setup in which reel attributes explode and trigger wins. Spinfinity Man himself randomly displays his special powers on the reels in the forms of animated symbols that activate new cascades and trigger substantial wins. With his powerful laser eyes, our super hero is able to burn away a complete symbol row or a complete column.

A double laser beam is extra powerful, and will burn away both the symbol row and the column. Then there is the icy breath superpower, which freezes and shatters large and small symbol clusters. Lastly, our brave crime fighter and facilitator of great fortunes is also able remove every symbol that has the same color or is the same type. The special power he uses to do this is telepathy.

Fan Girl Pictures Trigger More Rewards

Saving the city from disasters on a regular basis gives one a certain kind of fame. It is therefore no surprise that our beloved Spinfinity Man has made many fans and admirers that want to follow him everywhere. There is one very dedicated fan in particular who will not lose sight of her ultimate hero, no matter if he is operating in the special free spins feature or in the base game.

This fan girl is always out to have a photo with the famed fighter of crime. When she takes a picture, a symbol cluster pops up and activates an instant cascade. With each new slot reel spin that you start, the fan girl cluster count starts all over as well, and the hunt for another selfie with Spinfinity Man begins once more.

An Clash Between Good and Evil Takes Place in the Bonus Round

Although Spinfinity Man is the obvious star of this game, this slot title review would not be complete without short explanation about the villain he is up against. In true comic book style, there is a mean bad guy in the story who has a dastardly plan to do evil. In this game, the plotting villain goes by the name of Mr. X. In order to catch this vicious man of evil, our super savior needs to follow clues and fill up a Mr. X meter.

Once the meter is full, a bonus game will start, and so will the ultimate clash between good and evil in which Mr. X takes advantage of the opportunity to carry out his special plan to bring down Spinfinity Man. Which side will win and what’s in it for you? To find out, you better start playing this amazing slot machine title from Betsoft Gaming.

Save the City and Claim the Profits

Spinfinity Man Slots can now be enjoyed at various online casino websites that give you access to the excellent software products from Betsoft Gaming. If you are comic book fan and like to win some profits while simultaneously saving the city from an evil villain, then this the blockbuster game you need to play now and till Spinfinity.